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The Salinger Contract (2013)

by Adam Langer(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
1453297944 (ISBN13: 9781453297940)
Open Road Media E-riginal
review 1: The Salinger Contract is a literary mystery or perhaps crime novel. A very rich man hires famous authors to write a book just for him, and he pays them handsomely, but they must never tell.There are many twists and turns keeping the reader reading if not on the edge of his seat. Money seems to be the driving force for all the characters. If you are familiar with Chicago, you will enjoy the references to various Chicago streets and landmarks, reminiscent of the way Woody Allen uses NYC in Hannah and Her Sisters.
review 2: It took me a little over a week to read this book, but I wound up reading the last 3/4 or so in one night. It started slow and took me quite a while to get into. I think the whole mid-life crisis, stuck-in-a-rut, sluggish economy, death of rea
... moreding intro went on for too long and was a bit of a downer. Once I got past that, however, it was hard to put down and the plot moved at a good pace. I liked the concept and the name dropping of various famous authors who, even of they didn't actually appear in the story, still seemed to come alive as if the author actually knew them. I have mixed feelings about the ending. While everything came together, I found elements of it were rather predictable. Overall, though, it was a fun read, especially for book lovers who are familiar with the works of Salinger, Capote, Harper Lee, and other famous writers. less
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tīri labs krimiķis/pekstiņgabals par un ap izdomātiem un īstiem rakstniekiem.
A thriller told by an author to an author about authors. Great fun!
Intriguing! Couldn't put it down.
Rather witty and a fun read.
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