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TimeRiders (2010)

by Alex Scarrow(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
0141326921 (ISBN13: 9780141326924)
Penguin Group (Australia)
review 1: TimeRiders is about "time police" known as TimeRiders. Their job is to protect history from being changed. This book introduced me to the concepts of time travel and the detail of its explanations have made it very interesting. Its combination of a robust buildup of story with chapters full of suspense and actions have kept me from putting the book down until I have finished reading it. I have enjoyed this book and I look forward to following the series.
review 2: i liked the concept and I liked the characters. I felt that parts of the story dragged on for too long, I wanted them to deal with Kramer and not spend so long in a bloody prison camp. They spent too long in 1956 and not enough time in 1941; the end felt rushed. Also I didn't understand parts such as
... more if previous teams had gone back to train when JFK was shot then why weren't they there when Liam and Bob went??? Alex Scarrow didn't write anything about time paradoxes and things like that which kept the book simple but didn't make sense to me. I did like this book just not as much as I would've if it had made more sense to me. less
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We'll written. A good first book to a series but for some reason I liked but didn't love it.
I would recommend this to sci fi fans or anyone who likes time travel
Really enjoy the historican journey!
good read
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