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A Rather Remarkable Homecoming (2011)

by C.A. Belmond(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 2
0451234618 (ISBN13: 9780451234612)
NAL Trade
Penny Nichols
review 1: This was not my favorite of the "A Rather..." series. Maybe it's because it's a little predictable and very formulaic? Or that the author explained some of the more common elements of the Arthurian legend in simple terms that made me wonder if the target audience of this book was 12-year olds? The events in this book seemed tenuously connected and far-fetched. I am struggling not to compare it to the earlier books and saying more far-fetched, because, let's face it, this is cute escapist chick lit, at best. Unfortunately, this book precludes me from saying "at its best." If you have read the other books in the "A Rather..." series, though, don't skip it. Just save it for the beach, baby.
review 2: It does seem a bit odd to classify a book both as "chick lit" an
... mored "mystery," but that's exactly what this cozy little series manages to accomplish. Penny Nichols (yes, really) and her husband, Jeremy Laidley, return from their honeymoon to greeted by a royal command: HRH Prince Charles insists they investigate the real estate shenanigans surrounding a historic village in Cornwall. And since that just happens to be where Penny's late grandmother lived, how can she say no? Add in Celtic legend, a hint of smuggling lore, and a side trip to Madeira (!) and you've got a sweet fluffy confection, perfect for Valentine's Day. less
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Lovely, just like the others in the series.
I just adore this entire series...
My least favorite of the series.
This is a fun series!
great series
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