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Devil In Texas (2010)

by Calista Fox(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 5
1419932160 (ISBN13: 9781419932168)
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Rugged and Risque
review 1: I struggled with this book at first and only continued on since so many of the reviews were so good, thought I must be missing something. The first chapter read like it was going to be a quick hook-up book but yet there was so much left. Elizabeth Brooks has been cheated on by her boyfriend, not just once and not just with women, her mother is cold and controlling and she's just quit her job after being set up to take the fall for a mess that wasn't hers. She throws a dart into a map of Texas and finds herself in the small town of Wilder, deciding a complete change is in order she's now Liza and dressed to the nines walks into the only bar in town. There she locks eyes with the Devil in blue jeans bartender Jack, the attraction is hot and instant. Now this could have been ... morein my opinion a much better book, there's the makings of a good story, the reverend and his wife are applying religious pressure on anything they don't like hence why there's now only one bar in town and that's not doing too well. It had some interesting characters that we discover as Liza finds her way around and starts to make friends and whats the deal with Jack and Lydia the reverends wife, this I must admit is the main reason I kept reading. Now what I didn't like, I felt we should have had a bit more history, what made Jack in particular the man he is today, he doesn't date anyone in Wilder and never has but what about school he must have dated someone and just how did the reverend and his wife get such a hold on the town, with businesses closing and struggling its hard to imagine it would have gotten so far without more fuss, was there a catalyst that started the ball rolling. To be fair I didn't pay for this book it was free on allromance I didn't know the price until I went to review I just assumed it would have been round the two or three pound mark so I shocked that it's over five and in my opinion not worth the money.
review 2: This was a pretty good book. I liked the characters and the story line. There was some smiling, some temper, friendships, love, self-discovery, and some good steamy scenes. I liked pretty much all of the book but the sweaty parts were a little crude sounding to me and the terms a little repetitive. Everything else was good. I really liked the plot and the ending was great and the perfect HEA for the characters. I wouldn't mind reading this again for something to read or just for relaxing. Overall, pretty good. Enjoy less
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The relationships were warm, strong and meaningful. I do adore my hunky cowboy.
Great book but didn't feel like it was finished.
Fast, fun and an erotic read.
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