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The Wicked Day (2000)

by Christopher Bunn(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
The Tormay Trilogy
review 1: I just finished "The Wicked Day" and when I closed the book I simply couldn't stop smiling!(altough I was supposed to be studying for an exam...) These books entered my dreams and the characters definitely conquered my heart; the scenes where like paintings constantly changing and yet firm before my eyes, a mix between William Turner's seas and skies and the restlessness of Giorgione's Tempesta. The ending was perfect, whith the just amount of sadness and hope. These are some of the best books I ever read, the kind of books you can't put down and will reread a lot of times. The Tormay trilogy is marvelous and should be published worldwide!Note: I didn't just finish the book now but I wrote this review when I had just finished reading it :)
review 2: I wrote in
... morean earlier comment that I would wait till I finished the whole trilogy before I wrote a review. Well, now it´s done. And I´m so taken by this story that I will only say, thank you Mr.Bunn! For sharing this story with us. No need for deep analysis here. I will bear this story in my heart and mind for as long as I live. Probabely read it again! Maybe there will be more stories from Tormay? less
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Great trilogy! I love finding lesser known authors(to me, anyway) who write incredible books!!
Fun trilogy with all the classic fantasy elements.
very good.
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