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Getting By (2014)

by Claudia Y. Burgoa(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
Literally Alpaca Illustrations, LLC
A Knight's Tale
review 1: Getting by is the story of the eldest of the Knight brothers, Jake, and the lovely Emma Anderson. It was a nice book; good story, well written, well edited but not a top 5 read... I really liked it though, and I especially enjoyed Emma's references to superheros! I would love to know more details about their two year relationship, maybe read some day-to-day interaction of that period. But it was a fun read and i definitely recommend it!
review 2: This book starts out very slow. If I had not been provided an ARC i probably would have stopped reading and not purchased the book. It was not until at 30% that the book actually started to pick up. Once I got to this point the book was very enjoyable and I was happy with the story as a whole. That being said, there we
... morere some issues related to formatting and dialogue that needs to be fixed. Also, time distances are only separated by a paragraph instead of a chapter sometimes, which can be confusing since you might think you are in the same event/time frame as the previous paragraph. My advice to the author to turn this into a 4 for me would be to somehow condense the first 30-40% so that you aren't spending so much time reading before you get to the enjoyable part. less
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Looking forward to Claudia's next book! WHERE LIFE TAKES YOU was on my top books to read in 2013.
I think I'm in love with the Knights, can I have them all?
review to follow.
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