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The Sea Garden (2014)

by Deborah Lawrenson(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
0062279661 (ISBN13: 9780062279668)
review 1: The book is comprised of three separate stories: one in present day and two during WWII. There is a connection between the three stories that is revealed at the end. Present day Ellie is on an island off of France for a consultation to restore an historical garden. She is still adjusting to the death of her husband and meets a mysterious man on the Island by the name of Gabriel. During WWII Iris is in charge of helping to prepare women spies as they go undercover in France. Rose, one of the operatives, disappears into the fog of the war. The other WWII story didn't seem to have much purpose. The story did not seem to flow.
review 2: This was the second book I had read by Deborah Lawrenson.It took me a while to get into the book. The book consists of 3 sep
... morearate stories which are connected. The first story was in the modern day and was my least favourite of the three. I didn't connect with the characters and the story in the first story. My favourite story was the last story which resolved the connection between all the stories. less
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Three stories of WWII, interconnected. Good writing, good read.
Loved this book! One of my favorites this year.
Couldn't get into this book at all.
I couldn't get into it.
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