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The Premature Burial (2000)

by Edgar Allan Poe(Favorite Author)
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1605898597 (ISBN13: 9781605898599)
review 1: The always reliable Poe. It never fails; whenever I haven't read Poe in a while, always forget just how macabre his writing is. It's not just the intellectual horror that he describes regarding being buried alive: "...the blackness of the absolute Night--the silence like a sea that overwhelms--the unseen but palpable presence of the Conqueror Worm...," but also the physicality of his descriptions: "...it was thought expedient, at length, to proceed at once to the dissection. A student, however, was especially desirous of testing a theory of his own, and insisted upon applying the battery to one of the pectoral muscles. A rough gash was made, and a wire hastily brought in contact..."
review 2: The story surrounds a man that is so afraid of being buried alive due
... more to an illness he has which gives him the appearance of death, that he lives in constant fear of it. He makes those around him promise to not assume he is dead as it could be the trance he is in which is part of his illness. He creates a special vault in which to be interred in with escape routes, just in case of premature burial. He is in a state of unrest at all times for fear if he sleeps, he will have his fit and those around him will assume him dead that he is almost delirious with heart-pounding fear. I love this story's overall message about truly living or living a living-death. It's a great lesson for us all. I cannot share the ending it would a huge spoiler.REcommended. less
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Read this earlier this year for school, absolutely terrifying and simply wonderful.
Well, as for the ending, that would be rather embarrassing...
Justo lo que siento.
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