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Big Questions From Little People: And Simple Answers From Great Minds (2012)

by Gemma Elwin Harris(Favorite Author)
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0062223224 (ISBN13: 9780062223227)
review 1: Not only fun, this book is also informative. I learned more about the mechanics of lightning from this book than I've ever been able to grasp before. I can't remember for sure who recommended this to me, but I'm glad I picked it up. There were only a few answers that struck me as condescending or dumbed down- most of them were lovely, simple and clear. I wish I'd had this book to hand when I had a small person bombarding me with questions about rainbows and newts and geology.
review 2: This book is quite charming, and a lovely light read for the bus. I'm liking both the questions (like why do monkeys like bananas, and if a cow didn't fart for a year, and then farted one giant fart, could it get to the moon) that I can foresee being asked in the future, and the
... more answers from people such as Mary Roach (she answers the cow question), Bear Grylls, Alain deBotton, the zookeeper from the London Zoo (banana question). Oh, and I just learned that elephants have 40,000 muscles (wikipedia says 150,000 separate muscle fascicles) in their trunks! That's stupendous, I mean, I am stupified, and amazed. less
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What a fun, fun book. My favorite answer is from Mary Roach on cows, farts and outerspace!
Very good book for children and adults- light reading with some great contributions.
I read a rave review of this book, but I found it only mildly interesting.
Having great fun reading it with my kids.
An easy and interesting read
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