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Secret Bond (2013)

by Gemma Halliday(Favorite Author)
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Gemma Halliday
Jamie Bond Mysteries
review 1: After finally starting the first book in this series Unbreakable Bond I had to dig through my kindle until I found the second book in the series that I bought months ago. As with the first book I absolutely loved the character interactions, and the situations they found themselves in were always hilarious. There were a number of laugh out loud scenes but the scene with the girls in the diner was by far my favorite. The story was a little more serious than the first book, but since it was for the most part a quick, funny story it didn't make it feel dark at all. I'm still rooting for Danny!
review 2: I am truly enjoying the Bond Girls series and "Secret Bond" is a great follow up to the first book. This installment gives us more insight into the past of Derek,
... moreJamie's father.Jamie meets Aiden for dinner and the conversation changes when Aiden informs her he is prosecuting a case of a cop who shot and killed a defense attorney with the gun that was used to shoot her father. Of course Jamie is not about to let this information slide; so, after her father is evasive and demands she drops any investigation, she is determined to find out who was behind the shooting.Meanwhile, the ladies of the Bond agency are asked to investigate a possible cheating husband who likes to go to a nudist resort twice a week. While Jamie isn't really thrilled about going to the resort, she and the girls go any way. Back at the office, Maya"s mother wants her to bring Jamie over for lunch. It seems that she doesn't think to highly of Maya's skills. Little does Jamie and Maya know but they are headed for more than a little Mama drama.As events unfold in this little gem of a read, Jamie and Aiden's relationship hits a pivotal point. The question is, what's next? I am loving this little reading adventure with all of the empowered women who are not afraid to use their sensuality as a weapon to get to the truth. If I had a criticism it would be that we really don't get to know Aiden very well. We know a lot more about Danny. However, this does not distract from my reading enjoyment. If you want an easy, fun, female P.I. read, this series is the one for you. I am having fun with it and can't wait for the next book. less
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Great light hearted mystery. I totally recommend this as an entertaining read!!
I enjoyed this as a fun read, not a lot to say about it beyond that.
Well written, very few editing errors, likeable characters.
I really like the premise of these books & the characters.
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