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Justice League Of America, Vol. 1: World's Most Dangerous (2013)

by Geoff Johns(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
1401242367 (ISBN13: 9781401242367)
DC Comics
Justice League of America Vol. III
review 1: I like the idea, but why would all these superheros join this group? Why would Martian Manhunter work for the US government? Why is Catwoman? Reasons were given but I didn't buy them. Shoehorned in half of the Trinity War stuff, which would be very confusing if you didn't already read those JL titles. Like the characters, just not in this particular setting. Maybe it will be better next time around?
review 2: The first part of this book is the assembling of the Justice League of America (as opposed to the Justice League of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash etc.) by the US military and Amanda Waller to fight the Justice League if necessary and take on other missions as assigned. The last part of this book is two parts of a larger crossover with the
... more Justice League and Justice League Dark called the Trinity War. This book is OK and illustrates the point that there are too many Justice Leagues in the New 52 (there was even a short lived Justice League International). In this seven issue arc only Catwoman and Martian Manhunter are developed enough to be interesting and the rest of the characters feel like they are unnecessary. For the most part this JLA feels like the Suicide Squad without the neck bombs, they are artificially limited on roster numbers, subject of replacement/quitting discussions from the outset and bounce between working as a team and not working as a team, and some of them don't even really show up. I'd rank this as a 2.5 if Goodreads allowed half stars. less
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too many missing story elements caused by crossovers to be enjoyable, or even really understandable
By the end not much has really been accomplished. The new Green Lantern was barely in it at all.
Read this as single issues. Highly recommended.
It was cool
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