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Jenseits Des Mondes (2011)

by Heather Terrell(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
Fallen Angel
review 1: Ellie started off not quite sure if what took place in Boston really happened for real or not. I even started to question whether it was for real, but soon the pieces started coming together, and after Michael confirmed that they were in fact the Nephilim and she was the Elect One, the drama and tension took off. What I love most about this series is the mythology. I’ve studied the Book of Enoch and the author does a great job combining fact with fiction, and using that to create interesting characters and world.Michael kind of upset me in this book. He had some similar, questionable actions in the first book, but for him to come off weak again and have Ellie—even though I get she’s the Elect One—be the strong one, I was disappointed in him. Rafe, now he’s a char... moreacter I can get into. He’s everything I feel that Ellie needs in a protector and love interest. I have high hopes that Michael will become stronger in the next book, but I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Rafe. Ruth was there again, the ever supportive best friend, but I was glad she got herself a boyfriend. She deserves to have some good times. The girl works too hard.The ending has a twist that I pretty much new was coming, but the author delivered it well, and she even tossed some things I didn’t expect in. I felt it ended a little abruptly, but I know the next book will pick up where this one left off. I really wanted to see more there at the end, really feel how things had changed—trying not to give spoilers here—but I’ll wait patiently for the next book in the series. A quick, action-packed read with plenty of romance, I’ll def be reading the next one.
review 2: Drama, drama, and more drama. That was all that was in this book. Everything was so dramatic and cheesy. Ellie's relationship with Michael is constantly dramatic. Michael and Ellie's attempts to save the world are so dramatic. Even trying to be a normal teen is dramatic. And then you throw in all the religious stuff. I know this was in the first book, but for some reason it bothered me in this one. And the ending was so anti-climactic. And predictable. I completely pegged what was going to happen.Michael and Ellie got on my nerves in this book. Michael, once again, got distracted by something and flaked on Ellie. And Ellie once again got swept up in a new guy, quickly, although not seriously. So my fav characters this time around were Rafe and Ruth. I loved how Ruth was so understanding of the strange life she was suddenly thrown into and was so eager and willing to help out, even though it might put her in danger. And I liked the sound of Rafe. Of his looks and sense of humor and intensity. This review makes me sounds grumpy and like I didn't enjoy the book, which isn't the case. Broken down, things bugged me about it but overall, I flew through the book and enjoyed it while I was reading it. less
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Easy read. Catches your attention here and there. Some bits are a bit off but otherwise not too bad.
Muy bueno, me encantó. Se convierte en mi duología favorita.
beginning was a bit slow, but the end made up for it :)
I love it but I don't really like Michael
no se al final parece que le cortaron
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