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Hi, Koo! (2014)

by Jon J. Muth(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
0545166683 (ISBN13: 9780545166683)
Scholastic Press
review 1: This is one of those picture books that can be enjoyed on multiple levels, so my 4 year old likes it as much as I do, albeit for different reasons. Muth uses Haiku to explore the 4 seasons with accompanying illustrations that really enhance the narration. As the parent I'm enjoying each Haiku as a standalone poem, and have found myself startled at how evocative of a feeling or time some of them could be for me. My child enjoys the illustrations and descriptions of seasons as we move through the year, and continues to request this book daily.
review 2: I have really mixed feelings about this. The illustrations are beautiful, and my 24 month old loves the character of the panda. We returned it to the library about 3 weeks ago and he still mentions it regularly
... more. It's another of those seasonal books with snow that doesn't make winter sense to us (no snow here), but we do get all four seasons in our zone so it's nice. The text is a bit nebulous but I think I underestimate my child's capacity for sophistication, because he seems to enjoy it. I don't like the capital letters through the text, it doesn't add much and it's messy/gimmicky. I think we'll borrow this again and try to drill down deeper into its charms. less
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A "Must Add" to my poetry tub! Love it.
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