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Spencer (2014)

by J.P. Barnaby(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 2
Dreamspinner Press
Survivor Stories
review 1: I skipped over the second book in this series for the time being. I'll go back and pick it up at some point, but I really wanted to read more about Aaron and Spencer to see how they end up. This was a fantastic conclusion to Aaron's and Spencer's story! If the first book was about hope, this one was about triumph. After 3 years together, Spencer and Aaron have settled into a routine. The problem is that Aaron hasn't broken out of his comfort zone and Spencer is getting restless. They love each other, but sometime that isn't enough.So much happens in this book, and it's intense at times. My heart broke a little bit for both Spencer and Aaron while Spencer was working in the city. It's not easy being away from those you love and it isn't easy to be apart from your su... morepport system. Add that to the huge stress of the people responsible for Juliet's death and Aaron's physical and mental injuries and I'm a bit awed that Aaron made it through. Definitely worth the read.
review 2: Picking up the story of Aaron and Spencer very quickly, we are again taken into the continuing recovery and growing relationship of the two main characters. Spencer has taken the job offer that he received for the software design that he and Aaron had jointly developed. He now has an apartment about an hour away. Their relationship is starting to change, even with the constant on-line chatting and regular visits. Aaron has made some major strides in his recovery of the events of that fateful night years ago, but he is nowhere near being a whole person yet.The murderers are apprehended, and now Aaron is faced with an upcoming trial where he must confront his attackers. He must be able to take control of his life back from these monsters if he is to survive.All of the secondary characters to this story are all well developed and, while each has their own demons to face, nothing comes close to the ordeal that Aaron must endure.In a complete surprise appearance, the two main characters of Rowan Speedwell's book, "Finding Zach" make an appearance as supporters of Aaron in his battle to regain his life. Although it was pleasant seeing these guys again, and using them in this manner, since the book had a similar storyline, I believe that "Finding Zach" covers the key element in a more compelling and original way. It's all about taking control of your life back and being a survivor and although this pair of novels does that job quite admirably, my favorite is still the Speedwell book.However, that in no way should diminish your enjoyment of Barnaby's work. Coming to terms with being a survivor is what it's all about, and that is told here with great feeling and compassion. J. P. Barnaby is the author of the "Little Boy Lost" series, and it is a classic in gay literature. Her skills are quite apparent here as well. less
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Just...achingly beautiful.
great follow up to aaron.
Better than the first.
Review later.
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