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A Night Like This (2012)

by Julia Quinn(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
0062072900 (ISBN13: 9780062072900)
Smythe-Smith Quartet
review 1: I enjoyed this, like I do most of Quinn's work, but I feel like I have to remove some points for the way Daniel was written. Even though the attraction between Daniel and Anne is there on both sides from the beginning, I couldn't help but feel put-off by the way Daniel was so obtuse about how his attentions could affect Anne. He was never deliberately disrespectful, but I would have liked it more if he had acknowledged that there was a power gulf between them, and even a mild flirtation would have far different consequences for her than it would for him. Everything worked out happily for the pair of them, but the underlying power dynamics and the way they were handled brought me out of the story at points. I spent a lot of time going, "Check your privilege, dude" in betwee... moren the dreamy stuff.
review 2: I liked the premise of the storyline but I don't like going to bed with my characters so I had to skip quite a few pages. Anne is a governess to 3 lovely, energetic girls. When their cousin the Earl Daniel returns to England assured that his life is no longer in peril from the father of a man he accidentally shot in a duel he doesn't expect to fall in love with the beautiful Anne. Obviously he has experience with women and doesn't think anything of kissing a stranger before knowing anything about her! Anne is trying desperately to protect her heart as this is not the first time she imagines herself in love - the first time resulting in her being sent away from family and hence landing the role of a beautiful governess. Daniel is determined to see more of Anne while Anne is afraid of him reading her soul and discovering her pear or losing her position as governess. Daniel has a few more encounters that threaten his life or well being and he presumes that it comes from his fathers friend still in pursuit but what if Anne had enemies? I love when he realizes that he loves her and I love his families support. However I was disappointed (spoiler alert) that after all she has been through in the past she would be willing to give herself to Daniel in her unwedded state (main reason for my lower rating). less
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Um romance de leitura leve mas bonito.
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