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Death Is My BFF (2000)

by Katarina E. Tonks(Favorite Author)
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Death Is My BFF
review 1: I've read all of her Death series up to the latest recent chapter and I can honestly say this is one of my favourite series on Wattpad that I read! Yes the first couple books aren't as good as the latest and she knows that, however, if they were written to the potential she now possesses, they would be astounding and would most likely blow your mind(Metaphorically speaking)! Also, what I mean by they aren't as good as the first is not because they just simply suck as a book, it's the fact that she has had time to grow as a writer and her skills have tremendously improved also, yes they contain errors with grammar, spelling and all the other mumbo jumbo, but the plot and what happens though are great! They are really thought out and she has put an immense amount of effort i... morento each. They really do deserve more attention than what they have, just because you let the first couple of books get in the way of your judgement, you are missing out on a fantastic series. The way she writes gives you a great sense of imagery and you could literally just imagine everything they do. The way they move, the way they speak, the way they act... everything, even their emotions! You truly do feel what the characters feel and I, for one, can not wait until the series are finished to see what happens with death and Faith. Their journey is one you really do not want to miss!
review 2: to be honest,i loved this story to bits.. but i felt like it was just dragging on, it was so long! and nothing was really happening,i read the first and second story on Wattpad but im not gonna read the third story, at the end of the first and second story there was a cliffhanger and i still have so many unanswered questions about "death" the the whole "guardian Angle" thing? if his supposed to help her then where has he been all her life?i have lots of mixed feelings for the book.. less
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I read this on Wattpad and it capture my attention since the beginning. Couldn't stop reading it.
Definitely my all time favorite book series!! Can't wait for the published version!!!
Just amazing !a fine work of fiction :)highly recommended.
This series is one of the best I have ever read!
love this book series
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