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Over My Dead Body (2009)

by Kate Klise(Favorite Author)
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015205734X (ISBN13: 9780152057343)
HMH Books for Young Readers
43 Old Cemetery Road
review 1: “ 43 Old Cemetery Road: Over My Dead Body” is the second book in the series. This book is about Ignatius and Olive going through the process of adopting Seymour and finding Olives old manuscripts. A new character Mr.Dick Tater is introduced; he’s a part of the IMSPOOKY and tries to find fault in Seymour being taken care of by a ghost and an unknown man. He puts Seymour in a foster home and Ignatius in a crazy home, thinking that they won’t be in touch, but he was wrong. Olive, Seymour, and Ignatius have been writing secret letters thinking of a way to write a new book and escape. Would Seymour and Ignatius escape? What will happen to Dick Tater?
review 2: At the end of book #1, Dying to Meet You, Olive and Grumply started selling a successful ghost-sto
... morery series to Grumply’s loyal readers through a subscription service. The money they earned enabled Seymour to purchase the house at 43 Cemetery Road and all seems to be set for a happily-ever-after ending until Grumply tries to explain how Olive, a ghost, helps take care of and teach Seymour. Now that Grumply is in a mental institution indefinitely and Seymour is stuck in an orphanage until his parents come and collect him, the story subscribers want their money back. IMSPOOKY is not only trying to cancel Halloween – they are trying to get children to burn all of their ghost stories and turn it into a book-burning day instead! This story is not a complicated one and isn’t even particularly clever or original, but the method of story delivery is. The entire story is told through written communications, which the characters send to each other. I am not talking about emails, I am talking about letters, postcards and newspaper articles. Many of the letters include pen-and-ink drawings of characters and events that are taking place in the story. The illustrations are supposed to be drawn by Seymour so they have a simplistic, childlike quality to them that really compliments the story.I was not at all sure that I would enjoy a book that is not written in the normal manner, but, so far, I have found the 43 Cemetery Road series to be quick and fun to read. I think that the manner of delivery is what sets this series apart from most other children’s books out there and appreciate that this book can help children bridge the gap between reading chapter books with pictures and full-length books with text only. The story moves quickly and even the most reluctant and slow readers should find the pages turning quickly as there is very little text on each page (if you ignore the letterhead, the return address and all the other foof that is found in a formal letter). Children will be sure to cheer Olive, the ghost, on as she fights for children to have the right to celebrate Halloween by eating candy, trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes rather than burning ghost books. Parents or older siblings, if you choose to read this book with your child (and you totally should as it is a fun, fast read!), take the time to explain to them why book burning is always a bad idea.Build on a clever, unique premise, the 43 Cemetery Road series is one that you will not want to miss – regardless of your age! less
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Its more like 2.5 stars it wasn't as great as the 6th book of the series.
it was really good i finished it in one hour it was really goood
Fun series, book #2. Makes me want to write kids' books. :-)
This was SO SHORT, that I finished it in like, 30 minutes.
Read this with my little sister and it was great :)
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