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Quattro Giorni Per Liberarmi Di Jack (2010)

by Lauren McLaughlin(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 3
8806198300 (ISBN13: 9788806198305)
review 1: Cycler starts off with a bang as Jill's body transforms from male to female after her four day cycle as Jack. Jill begins her cycle repeating her mantra, 'I am all girl.' Her dad, a yoga practicing ex-lawyer who now lives in their basement, suggested the meditation, to use after being locked in her room when Jack is in charge of her body.Jill McTeague is a normal teenager, worrying about how to snag a prom date, except for four days a month when she morphs into a male named Jack. No one knows this but her parents. During the four days of the Jack cycle she is excused from school to get blood transfusions for a rare illness.Jill doesn't know anything about Jack's life, but he knows all about hers. He is in love with her best friend. Anno doesn't know about Jill's secret lif... moree. She thinks Jill misses four days of school a month for blood transfusions and stays at home to recover.Complications come about when Jack decides he doesn't want to spend his four day cycle in Jill's room. Her mother takes draconic action to keep him there - including buying him porn and putting bars on the windows.Though the premise of a boy and girl sharing the same body is promising, it isn't fully developed in Cycler. The ending is disappointing because none of the threads are tied off. The questions about why this happens, the reason for her parents' problems, and their reactions to Jill cycling between male and female don't ever get answered.
review 2: This is one serious weird book.I picked the twist but still wanted to keep reading to see it happen.Jill annoyed the hell out of me but it was ok because Jack felt the same way about her and said what I was thinking, offsetting her prissiness with vulgarity.It was written as a narrative, even interacting with the reader at times which was great, especially after Jack had sex for the first time and kept insulting the reader then reminding them of his wonderful night like he had ADD.They didn't just cover the topic of physical sex and gender identity, they also addressed problems with sexuality and coming out in school.An overall wonderful book and I can't wait to get the sequel. less
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Interesting book. Not really what i expected. i wish there was more from Jack's perspective.
I was engrossed in this book for a day straight. Finished it at light speed.
Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin (2009)
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