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The Earl And The Fairy, Vol. 01 (2012)

by Mizue Tani(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 1
1421541688 (ISBN13: 9781421541686)
The Earl and The Fairy
review 1: Pretty good manga! All about fairy doctors (ones who can communicate with the fairies and can help humans interact with them in a kind manner,) and thieves and going on an adventure. Lydia is a fairy doctor like her mother was and she can communicate with the fairies, although no one believes her anymore. She lives near Edinburgh, Scotland and her father is a professor in London. She sets out to visit him and gets abducted by a man who wishes to find the Merrow Star. Merrow are types of mermaids near Ireland and the Merrow star is also called the Sapphire Star. Once she gets away from the first abductor she is then taken by another man by the name of Earl Ibrazel, who claims to be a descendant of the Blue Knight, a fairy knight that served under King Edward I. Great plot -... more very nice to see Scotland and England in a manga along with fairies! A great mix of some of my favorite things.
review 2: 3.5 stars.I completely fell in love with the illustrations of Lydia's clothing. Her gothic, victorian style dresses are to die for! The fact that fairies are involved also drew me in instantly. I found myself hoping that the story would improve throughout reading the vast majority of this manga, however, it did get really good toward the end. The ending of the story made me want to pick up the next volume. I'm not completely sure how I feel about this... But I am glad that I read it! less
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Wow! I really enjoyed this, so pretty and interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more!!!
This book is nothing but Fairys and adventure sorry i havent reead all of it.
The art was pretty but the plot was unorganized.
Love this series!
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