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Wolf (2014)

by Mo Hayder(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 3
0802122507 (ISBN13: 9780802122506)
Atlantic Monthly Press
Jack Caffery
review 1: Loved it! Although the plot with Jack and Flea didn't advance in any meaningful way, this was a good read. It isn't my favourite, and lacked some of the atmosphere that kept me awake while I was reading Poppet, but it was still great. I know that there are other books outside of the series that I will have to pick up now that I'm ahead of of the author, but I can't wait for the next installment.
review 2: Very good book I actually gasped at a few parts. Lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed the character motivations. This book was gruesome and bone chilling and it scared the shit out of me. SPOILER ALERT: we know the crazies walk amongst us but what happens when the crazy is in your family. How well do we really know the ones we live with or share DNA with. Jus
... moret because you share DNA does not mean you share the same morals. Is evil inherited? Duh duh duh. Anyways, I'm quite good and predicting books. I did suspect Lucia at the beginning call it goth stereotyping. Mo Hayder kept me guessing especially when she threw in party Hearst and I started suspecting Stockholm syndrome. Anyways great book Lucia did have the most motivation for murders. Unrequited love from Hugo and daddy about to change the will. I felt chapters about Amy the little girl were not needed as I kept trying to link her into the story but the last chapter involving her was fruitless. Also I disliked the pig heart bit referring to himself as pig man made Oliver unsympathetic. I didn't like the last chapter when the walking man said it was caffery's fault because of his evidence at the bail hearing. I wish there was more clarity over why jack attacked walking man. I think I'm missing something. My fav line of the book is when jack said he is evil and saw his reflection in Lucia's eyes. Especially cool because her name means light and the whole reflection theme. Nicely done Mo. Maybe I need to read the other books to see why jack thinks he is evil ? less
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By far she is my favourite crime novelist - what a fantastic book!
Loved it! So many twists and turns, it was a fun ride.
A real page turner so far. Great book
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