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Edwina And The Seven Snowed-in Scientists (2011)

by Rachel Clark(Favorite Author)
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
review 1: I would describe this story as 'Extreme Menage.' One woman (Edwina) and , seven men (too many to list or even remember). It doesnt get more extreme than that!! And if it wasnt complicated enough these 'husbands' are no ordinary men but are Yeti shifters (kill the poor woman already why dont you?)In any case these men are all respectable scientists. So there!! Some times Siren Publishing has some really cheesy covers on their books and it can lead you to think that the story inside will also be cheesy, but this was really well written and the heroine Edwina (any woman with seven husbands is a heroine) is really feisty and stands her ground!! Yay!!It was an interesting read. It is a paranormal story and so anything can happen and it does. Apart from the logistics of havi... moreng seven men, there is also a mystery, a bit of an obvious one, but bearing in mind that everything else is so 'out there' the tameness of the mystery fits in quite well. The story surprised me because it was quite entertaining, but only if you can get your head around the plus size menage. The best bit was the small mention at the end about Edwina's father being rather shocked to find out his daughter has seven husbands. What would the neighbours say? Good job they all live out in the wilds of Antartica!!
review 2: Helicopter pilot Edwina is shuttling some scientists to their shack in the middle of nowhere in Antartica. Evil plot insues and the scientists/yeti's (think chewbaka but white) quickly figure out that someone is trying to off Edwina, who wouldn't you know it is their (all seven of them) mate, so they try to talk her into staying with them until it's safe and they can help her figure out who's out to kill her. She's all for having fun, but she's determined not to fall in love and stay with them.Ok so...{big breath of relief}, this book was actually not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. Yeah it was silly and the plot was a bit weak, but I still thought it was cute. less
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2.5 yeti love lol
very good
good book
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