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This Love Is Not For Cowards: Salvation And Soccer In Ciudad Juárez (2012)

by Robert Andrew Powell(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
1608197166 (ISBN13: 9781608197163)
Bloomsbury USA
review 1: This book was beyond excellent. Robert traveled to Ciudad Juarez at the height of the murder crisis/narcoguerra and walked away with an amazing tale. The attention to detail, both in his own changes and the surroundings, set this apart from your typical "I was there" journalistic piece. He built relationships with the players at Los Indios and the head office, but was unflinching, honest, and often hysterical in his observations. He also got a decent grasp on the politics of Mexico, although he was a bit off in not understanding the full historical dynamic of Chihuahua/Juarez vs. Mexico (DF). Mexican states, especially the North, used to always complain about federal taxes and even had banners saying "salva la patria-mata un chilango!" Back in the day. I wouldn't necessari... morely say that the Federalis were agents of the Sinaloas, but they were definitely less welcomed by Juarez than in other players (like Monterrey).The only odd part is the chapter on femicide, which I'm guessing was plucked from his NYTimes correspondence and inserted to make the paper book reach 200 pages (a somewhat standard minimum). Read this. Today. Right now.
review 2: This book intertwined two of the most fascinating things in the world to me: soccer and the drug war in Mexico. Powell deserves immense praise for actually putting himself in that dangerous situation just for a good story. The book is sports journalism at its finest, and it is the best soccer book I've ever read. The only downside to the book is sometimes Powell's chapters lack flow. They are all jumbled and not in any logical order it seems. However, that doesn't diminish the blood, sweat, and tears Powell put into this book. It was truly an amazing, eye-opening read. less
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Great book but the Americanisms never stop being annoying.
Reminds me of living in New Orleans.
A fantastic book.
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