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Chelynne (1980)

by Robyn Carr(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 4
0671501763 (ISBN13: 9780671501761)
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review 1: A little different from your usual romance, though that may be because it was originally published in the 70's. The premise isn't bad, but the artificial separation of the the romantic leads dragged on a bit too long and too repetitively to be satisfying. Also, the attitudes of both leads were a bit hard to take--he too authoritarian and she too accommodating--so they fall a bit short of being truly likeable. But the portrayal of Charles II was highly entertaining, and overall it was a decent enough read.
review 2: My friends told me to beware the $1.99 nook books, but did I listen? No. I thought this would be a quick campy read to take my mind off of some things but I learned a valuable lesson. Even my crap reads need to have something productive about them
... more! By the end of this book I didn't know what I wanted to do more, kick Chad in balls or slap Chelynne in her pouty face or punch myself for continuing to read! (Kind of like an accident on the side of the road, I couldn't look away) Despite being predictable, because really who picks up a romance novel expecting it not to take a defined route, it was ridiculous. I really was hoping that Chelynne would have just died there at the end and saved me 50 pages of pure cave in wrap up. The only two characters worth anything in the whole story were John Bollering and King Charles, at least they knew how to have a good time. less
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Enjoyed this historical romance. First book by Robyn Carr that I read.
Story drug on a little too long.
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