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Thor The Mighty Avenger, Vol. 2 (2011)

by Roger Langridge(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
0785141227 (ISBN13: 9780785141228)
Thor: The Mighty Avenger
review 1: I enjoyed Langridge's work on this series, but Marvel could have easily combined his work into one volume and left off the early Thor comics, which were so painfully bad. Plus, since this series was cancelled so soon, it has a very unfinished quality to it. The Muppets joke in book 2 was cute. The art was strong -- very lively and modern, without being too over-the-top superhero. But overall, the series was only okay, never given the opportunity to reach greatness.
review 2: I really enjoyed these comics. I get easily bored with many superhero comic books, but I find Thor's storylines very appealing, most likely because of the mythology aspect of them. This volume was fun, but I am not quite sure why it was not published in one book set with the first volume.
... more I enjoyed seeing the early Thor comics (which were pretty bad), to see how the characters have evolved. I only wish there were more of these. less
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I read this because I read vol. 1. Vol. 1 was a top ten recommended Graphic Novel for Teens 2012.
Squeee! Iron Man/Tony Stark cameo! There's also a pretty awesome dinosaur/dragon(?) thing.
Still totally adorable. It's a shame it doesn't continue.
I love reading old comics and graphic novels.
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