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Neva (2011)

by Sara Grant(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 4
3426283484 (ISBN13: 9783426283486)
review 1: It jumps in with both feet at the start which is great. It's entertaining and you see where the title comes from which feels like a great fit. Then, I got a bit blah about it until the last third of the book. Sanna is totally committed, involved, has an interesting boyfriend, backstory, home life, brother,.. and Neva for a best friend. I wanted to know about Sanna and felt like the author was telling the tale of her boring yet treacherous boyfriend stealing bff. This did manage to turn around towards the end but by then the damage is fairly severe in my opinion of Neva. Even when I get interested in her, i'm still way more interested in Sanna, and her brother.
review 2: So I could only get halfway through this before I gave up. Neva is a great character and he
... morer emotions are pretty believable but her relationship with Brayden, as other people have also stated was just... bad. If he's so in love with Neva why does he stay with Sanna? Its not like he fights it the way that Neva does. And Neva never questions why he claims to have feelings for her but stays with Sanna. It just bothered me and I feel like their whole relationship was just contrived. I never was one for the 'instant connection' thing. less
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Really irritating ending! Is there a sequel? Because it ended like it!
Hmm, reminds me of the Gone series with the dome...
Absolutley loved it
Ok dystopian
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