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Once A Ferrara Wife... (2012)

by Sarah Morgan(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
037313049X (ISBN13: 9780373130498)
review 1: This was the perfect book to read when I had a couple hours to fill. It was sweet, sexy and I loved the hero. I liked the heroine too, though waiting for her to finally drop all her walls and let her hero in was almost a bit too much. Thankfully, when it reached that point though, everything was resolved. And the moment when Laurel called Cristiano towards the end, before he went into his meeting? God, his reaction had me melting into a puddle of swoons. This will definitely be added to my list of re-readable books!
review 2: with this book, Ms. Morgan took a trope I HATE - the big misunderstanding - and turned its on it ear into a very good book. The misunderstandings in this book were really big. I loved the hero and heroine - they acknowledged the things t
... morehey did wrong and finally started communicating, but also showed a lot of growth and development. I think the hero, Cristiano, was my favorite. He is this billionaire head of his Sicilian family yet we see him deal with and show emotions in ways we do not always see from the tough alpha male character. less
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Lindo, pero era muy estresante, sentía que sería a mi a la que le diera el ataque de asma
I wouldn't mind being a Ferrara wife :-p
Will not rate this book. Did not finish
unlikeable annoying heroine...
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