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The Rookie (2007)

by Scott Sigler(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 3
Empty Set Entertainment
Galactic Football League
review 1: The description is accurate. More Star Wars space opera and a lot of football metaphors. The problem with sports fiction is that you kind of know what the outcome will always be. I prefer the real thing. Yes, there is a bit of a mystery and crime spoof here but not my cup of tea. If you like that stuff, knock yourself out. I was told Sigler had more science fiction stuff and better examples of his writing, but I am not motivated to find them.
review 2: One of the first truly sports oriented stories I've ever read, and it took place in a rich Sci-Fi universe. Quentin comes off a bit abrasive, cocksure, and stubborn, especially when conversing with his teammates. Though that's to be expected from an athlete with as success as he had before joining the Karen's. Th
... moreere's an organized crime side story, but for the most part the focus is on Football, which Sigler describes and dissects with tremendous detail and insight. There are some real world references that feel out of place, such as ESPN and the current NFL teams, but it wasn't too hard for me to move past them. If you love Football, you should read this story regardless of your feelings towards sci-fi stories. less
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Loved this book. it took reading this for me to completely understand NFL. thank you, scott sigler.
Better than I thought it would be. SZ has quite the imagination and I really enjoy his humor.
I'm not normally a football fan, but this sci-fi/football mash-up is a lot of fun to read!
I'm ready for some alien football ;)
Surprised how much I enjoyed this.
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