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El Chef (2014)

by Simon Wroe(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I hate it when my computer goes back a page and deletes everything I've written! ARRGH.This is a terrific book by a first time published author.A story about life in a "wannabe" swank restaurant outside London, darkly humorous, and really sad in places. The brutality that occurs in a kitchen "family" can make you laugh out loud or bite your knuckles in agony for the characters.Told in first person with two editors (who are characters) the book can scare you about what goes on as you are waiting for your meal. And explains why sometimes your meal can take forever to get to you. I LOVED this book and will definitely read it again. Only not when I'm hungry.
review 2: Made me laugh enough to bump up a star. A band-of-brothers story about the rough world of restau
... morerant kitchens, specifically, the kitchen at the Swan. I couldn't quite picture the Swan--seems like a kind of upscale place in a downscale part of London? But I definitely could picture the chaos of its kitchen.There is a parallel story about the main character's relationship with his good-for-nothing father. I enjoyed the kitchen world aspects more, even when the plot became a little implausible, because the writing was so fun and lively. These are the (stereotypical) used car salesmen of chefs. Makes me wonder how many of today's polished celebrity chefs started out in places like the Swan. less
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I think I like the "true" behind the scenes cooking books better than the fictional.
stuck with it against my better judgement, can't get back the time, waste of paper
grabbed and kept me there from beginning to end!!
Damn near perfection.
Waste of paper.
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