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Coraline: A Visual Companion. Stephen Jones (2009)

by Stephen Jones(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
1848562780 (ISBN13: 9781848562783)
Titan Publishing Company
review 1: Coraline is the creepy tale of a young girl caught in another world. This dark and suspenseful tale is full of magic and mystery!Coraline discovered a small door in the parlor of her house. Thinking it was a door to another unit of the house, she opened it only to find a brick wall. The next time her mother was out, something made Coraline open the door again. This time she found no brick wall, only a dark hallway with another door at the end. When Coraline goes through the passageway she discovers a whole new world. In this world, cats can talk and all of the people have buttons for eyes! Coraline's "other mother" and "other father" very much want her to stay in this new world, and will go to great lengths to keep her there.......
review 2: Natalie Hera
... mores June 17,2009 Book Shout out Coraline By Neil Gaiman The book Coraline by Neil Gaiman was one of the most creative and inspiring books out there. I enjoyed reading every page of it, every chapter was so interesting that I just wanted to read more and more. I could really picture every moment of it in my head. The part I really enjoyed reading was how Coraline entered a knew world and thought it was all great until the very next day. In the book, Coraline finds a world and at first is tricked thinking that it was a wonderful place. Soon learning that it was indeed horrible. She has to battle her other mother in a game finding the souls of three other children who has gotten their souls eaten by the other mother and her parents, with help from her cat and friend she wins the fight. Coraline loves adventures but she never imagined this world would happen. She realized that even though her parents don’t always give her a lot of attention or what she wants she loves them and they love her. Creative Response In this scene Coralines fake mother grabs her and demands her to stay in the new world. Coraline is fourced to stay but she wont go down without a fight. It all started when her mother and father were bussy and ignoring her. So thats how Coraline went on a little adventure in her house which led to trouble!! less
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i have one of this book in my house,,this is my favorite book.
Great fantasy story and sometimes a little bit scary.
it was scary but i have to say it was pretty good
this a good book
good read
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