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Królowa Porządków I Sedes Zagłady (2009)

by Vanessa Curtis(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
8310116551 (ISBN13: 9788310116550)
Nasza Księgarnia
Zelah Green
review 1: A teenager with OCD, which started after her mother's demise, is taken to a treatment centre by her step=mother whilst her father is AWOL, presumably without a forwarding address. She encounters all sorts of strange behaviors and psychiatric illnesses, including body slasher, anorexic, pill popper, to name a few. The kind doctor and her cool husband, who resembles Jesus Christ in appearance are liked by all. This short novella describes the life in the treatment centre and how Zelah is almost cured of her obsessive compulsive traits. The book could have been written better. The theme was good, but there was something lacking. Everything seemed so artificial.
review 2: Whereas Clean dealt with addicts and was very raw and gritty, Zelah Green deals with behavio
... moreral disorders and is somewhat charming and heartbreaking. I can see this being a nice read for fans of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. It's not as heavy and the protagonist doesn't have cancer although cancer has certainly had an impact on her life, and it also includes an unexpected friendship. This book is a quick read and doesn't include any advanced vocabulary although it is set in England so some of the slang might be a bit unfamiliar to readers on this side of the pond. less
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Zelah smith was a fairly bland book. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was just nice.
really good. im excited 2 see what happens in the sequel. an easy read.
Funny , sad an excellent read .The sequel is good too.
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